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Purchase our product from Vegan District or contact us for wholesale
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Vegan Rocky Road Ice Cream
Vegan Rocky Road Ice Cream
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Vegan Rocky Road Ice Cream

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**NOTE** We are currently not accepting individual orders. If you are looking to purchase this or other of our products, we stock them at Vegan District in Kota Damansara. You can stop by their store, or order from their website. I’d you are looking to purchase as a retailer or as a cafe/restaurant/hotel, please contact us for our wholesale product lists.

Looking for something refreshing on a hot day?  A cool scoop to add to the top of some cake? This cool and creamy vegan rocky road ice cream is just the ticket! 

Rocky road ice cream was one of the first ice cream flavors with add-ins. Traditionally it is chocolate ice cream with toasted almonds and chunks of marshmallow. This yummy flavor has stood the test of time, so we wanted to give a vegan spin on it! Our chocolate dream ice cream is packed with vegan marshmallows and chocolate covered toasted almonds. Yum!!

**our vegan ice creams can be quite hard/solid straight out of the freezer (sometimes you get a lucky batch that turns out fluffier). But that’s a good thing,it’s not full of air, so you’re getting more ice cream! Don’t panic, just let it sit out for 10-20 minutes and then you can scoop it! Feeling impatient? You can also microwave it for a few seconds (up to 30 seconds for a full container) to quickly soften it for easy scooping. 

The ice cream base is mostly coconut cream, for a rich and creamy ice cream. Cashews are blended in for an extra creamy ice cream, and natural vanilla (non alcohol) gives a boost of flavor.

available in pint or quart

How to enjoy this ice cream:

Not that anyone needs telling how to enjoy ice cream, but here are some of our favorite ways!

  • With some date bars broken up in it.
  • With granola or crackers sprinkled on top.
  • On top of some vegan brownies
  • With birthday cake!
  • In an ice cream cone
  • Smashed between two vegan cookies
  • With chocolate sauce on top



Ingredients: coconut milk, cashew milk, gula melaka, vegan Belgian chocolate, almonds, vegan marshmallows (glucose,-fructose syrup, sugar, dextrose, carrageenan, maize starch, hydrolized rice protein, flavour (vanilla), polyphosphate, colours: red beetroot and titanium dioxide), cocoa powder, natural vanilla extract (non alcohol), himalayan salt


If you have any milk preferences, nut allergies, etc, let us know after ordering and we can adjust the recipe as needed. 

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