Vegan High Protein Granola - Carrot Cake - Kid Friendly
Vegan High Protein Granola - Carrot Cake - Kid Friendly
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Vegan High Protein Granola - Carrot Cake - Kid Friendly

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Have carrot cake for breakfast with this high protein carrot cake vegan granola! This special granola is full of delicious flavors!

Choose from the kids’ version that has all of the nuts and seeds ground up, or the regular version with whole nuts and seeds

If you have children who closely inspect their granola for visible nuts, seeds, etc and then demand that they be taken out (I have one!) then the kids version is for them! It is chock full of filling and nutritious nuts seeds and even cooked lentils, but they'll never know! I ground up the flaxseed, walnuts, and sunflower seeds before mixing up the granola. My daughter now gobbles it up without complaint and yours will too!

Lightly sweetened with gula melaka (coconut sugar) because we need a boost of nutrients and protein for breakfast, not a sugar rush! Serve with nondairy milk and fresh fruit for breakfast. Sprinkle over chia pudding or banana ice cream for a snack, or just eat right out of the container!

400g container

Ingredients: organic oats, organic red lentils, carrot, raisins, sunflower seeds, walnuts, organic ground flaxseed, gula melaka syrup, oil (sunflower, grape seed, or coconut), cinnamon, ginger powder, nutmeg, baking soda, himalayan salt

**if you need your granola to be gluten free, I will use certified gluten free oats. Choose gluten free from the drop down menu at the top before adding the granola to your cart. Please note that I make all of my products in the same kitchen. I carefully wash everything in between, but cannot 100% guarantee no cross contamination

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