Vegan Cheddar Cheese Block
Vegan Cheddar Cheese Block
Vegan Cheddar Cheese Block
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Vegan Cheddar Cheese Block

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This vegan cheddar style cheese is flavorful and versatile!  It slices, grates, melts, and gets nice and gooey/stretchy!  Add it to some macaroni and nondairy milk for an instant mac’n’cheese!  It is awesome in grilled cheese sandwiches or on top of a “cheeseburger” style pizza. Also great on sandwiches, burgers, chopped in salads, and wherever else you love a good cheddar!

block of cheese is about 240g

**Nutrition facts can be found in the product photos. 


almond milk (almonds, water) OR organic soymilk, refined coconut oil, tapioca starch, nutritional yeast, tomato paste, kappa carrageenan, apple cider vinegar, organic miso, onion powder, spices, salt

*Can be made with no onion/garlic, just choose that variation

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