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Purchase our product from Vegan District or contact us for wholesale
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Vegan Butterscotch Ice Cream 1 L tub
Vegan Butterscotch Ice Cream 1 L tub
My Plant Deli

Vegan Butterscotch Ice Cream 1 L tub

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Looking for something cool and creamy on a hot day?  A sweet cold scoop to add to the top of some cake or brownies? This smooth and cool vegan butterscotch ice cream is perfect! 

For most of my ice creams you get to choose how you want it sweetened, but this one comes as is. I start by making a lucious butterscotch sauce. What is butterscotch?? It is like caramel, but it starts with brown sugar instead of white. For my sauce I use a blend of organic unrefined sugar, and gula melaka. As it cooks it caramelizes,  giving a wonderful rich flavor for the ice cream!

**our vegan ice creams can be quite hard/solid straight out of the freezer (sometimes you get a lucky batch that turns out fluffier). But that’s a good thing,it’s not full of air, so you’re getting more ice cream! Don’t panic, just let it sit out for 10-20 minutes and then you can scoop it! Feeling impatient? You can also microwave it for a few seconds (up to 30 seconds for a full container) to quickly soften it for easy scooping. 

This is such a luscious and special ice cream! It is similar to vanilla, but so much better because of the caramelized sugar. I used to love eating butterscotch candies years ago, and this tastes like those candies made into a creamy icecream! This is actually one of my very favorite ice creams!

The full fat coconut milk gives this ice cream a rich and creamy feel. I use fresh made almond or sesame milk for part of the milk, so the ice cream doesn’t taste too much like coconut. 

1 liter tub

How to enjoy this ice cream:

Not that anyone needs telling how to enjoy ice cream, but here are some of our favorite ways!

  • With some date bars broken up in it.
  • With granola or crackers sprinkled on top.
  • On top of some vegan brownies
  • With birthday cake!
  • In an ice cream cone
  • Smashed between two vegan cookies
  • With chocolate sauce on top


Ice cream base:Coconut milk, almond or sesame milk, vegan butterscotch sauce (organic unrefined cane sugar, gula melaka, coconut cream, coconut oil, natural vanilla extract, himalayan salt

**if you have any food allergies to specific kinds of nuts/seeds/etc. let me know and I can adjust the recipe to accommodate you :)

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