Our Ingredients

All of the ingredients we use at My Plant Deli are ones that we use cooking at home for our family. We are pretty careful in choosing natural and organic ingredients. Here is some information on topics that we get questions about:

Organic - while we would love to use all organic ingredients in everything, some are just not cost effective or are difficult to source. So we use as much as possible while keeping our prices down. All the soymilk, oats, flax, chia, miso, vinegar, molasses, sugar, buckwheat, most of the legumes/lentils, and various flours are organic. When I use organic, I label it in the ingredient list as such.

GMO - while the jury is still out on whether GMOs are harmful or not (to us and/or the environment), I prefer to stay on the side of caution when cooking at home, and the same goes for My Plant Deli. I use organic soy products to ensure they are non GMO, or soy products like liquid aminos that are labeled as non GMO. For regular soysauce I either use the liquid aminos, or the regular Kikkoman brand (the basic one with no colorings or anything), as they say on their website that they use non GMO.

Additives - I try to always use products with no or the fewest possible additives, without sacrificing quality. I don’t use any products with food coloring (I even make sure to buy organic balsamic vinegar to make our housemade vegan Worcestershire sauce because it’s the only one that has no artificial coloring in it). I stay away from any ingredients that have preservatives as well, and I don’t add any preservatives to my food (unless you consider salt, miso, lemon, etc as natural preservatives haha ;) the only things that I use that I can think of that have additives is the boxed coconut milk (it has 0.1% xanthan gum, guar gum and carrageenan for stabilizing. It’s such a tiny amount and I can’t find a boxed coconut milk here that is guaranteed to have no stabilizers)

Gluten Free - We do make quite a few gluten free foods, with more coming. I understand the frustration of finding and making gluten free foods. My youngest son is allergic to wheat and oats, ugh. I do make a lot of gluten containing foods as well. All of our vegan meats currently have a base of wheat gluten (though I’m experimenting with some gluten free options). I also make wheat based pizza crust, etc. so my kitchen is NOT gluten free. I do wash things carefully in between, and especially before making gluten free foods. However, I cannot 100% guarantee no cross contamination due to the fact that everything is made with the same dishes in the same kitchen. For most people this is totally fine, but if you have severe reactions to cross contamination with tiny amounts of gluten, you probably don’t want to order from our shop. 

Substitutions - YES, we can substitute ingredients for you. Just let me know before you order to make sure it can be done and so I can let you know if there is a price difference. For example, peanuts, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds are about the same price, so those can be exchanged anywhere. But if you want almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, etc instead of peanuts or sunflower seeds, there will be an extra charge depending on how much is used in the product.  Other possible substitutions are things like mixed berry pie instead of blueberry pie, strawberry cheesecake instead of raspberry, etc. just let me know what you want or need.

For our block cheeses I always use organic soymilk as the base, unless you request fresh almond milk instead. If you do not consume soy, feel free to let me know when you order and I will make your cheeses with almond milk.

Allergies - if you have any food allergies, please let me know when you order, especially if you have a certain nut allergy. Sometimes when I make my date/nut bars I make a few batches back to back, like I make peanut butter fudge and then chocolate hazelnut right after that, in the same food processor. So there could be a few bits of peanut in the hazelnut bars. If you have allergies I would be very careful about making sure of no cross contamination. However, if you have severe reactions to even the tiniest amounts of peanut, for example, it might be best not to order from us, as many of our products contain peanut.