About Us!

Hi! Thanks for checking out My Plant Deli!

We are a small family run business based in Setia Alam, Shah Alam, Malaysia. My name is Honey, and my husband is Naren, and we have 3 kids.  We believe that a vegan plant based diet is the best for the earth, the animals, and healthiest for us as well! As a result of getting so many requests to sell our products, here we are! 

I do the recipe testing, creating, and most of the cooking and packaging. I also take care of the website and do most of the photography, posting, and messaging on Facebook and Instagram. Naren does some of the cooking, packaging, labeling, and Facebook messaging. He also does all of the phone messaging and deliveries. So if you contact us via mail, instagram,  or Facebook, you are probably talking to me. If by phone, it’s Naren. Either way you’ll get great customer service!

I didn’t eat a lot of meat while I was growing up, but I was by no means a vegetarian. But about 13+ years ago my husband bought me a vegetarian cookbook, because it was on sale and he knew I liked cookbooks. He didn’t realize it, but the first half of the cookbook told why you should be a vegetarian. Well that did it, I became vegetarian pretty much on the spot. Since then we have gradually graduated to eating a mostly vegan diet, and now as much as possible a completely vegan diet. It’s hard to 100% be careful of traces of dairy, eggs, honey, etc. in foods we eat outside the home, but we do the best we can. My reasons for eating a plant based diet are equally about animal welfare, the environment, and health. I can’t really pick one over the others.

We are blessed with very compassionate children. I feel sure that even if we hadn’t been vegetarian/vegan when our kids were born, we would be by now because of them.  

So why have we focused mostly on vegan cheeses and meats and ice creams? Well, first of all, I grew up in Wisconsin, the “cheese state” in the USA. If you’ve ever read that cheese is addictive, believe it!!! Even after not having eaten cheese for years at a time I still crave it. It’s crazy! I have been making vegan cheeses even before I became vegetarian, due to milk allergies, so I have tried a lot! The ones I sell here in our shop are my favorites. They are made with a base of organic soymilk (or almond milk) and coconut oil, so they have the richness that dairy cheese has, and they melt and stretch as well, which is fun! My other favorites that we sell are the cashew based cheese balls. Soooo yummy! 

Vegan cheese has always been difficult to find here in Malaysia, so our goal is to make it a lot easier! You’ll be seeing our products far and wide pretty soon!

Vegan and vegetarian meats and sausages are fairly easy to find, but I am almost never happy with the ingredients. Often they are made from soy that is most likely GMO, or they are filled with MSG and other weird chemicals fir flavor, preserving, etc. When you buy our vegan meats (sausages, roasts, deli slices, pepperoni, and much more!) you can be assured of quality ingredients that you would only use in your own home! 

While it is getting easier to find vegan ice cream in shops in Malaysia, we have a soft spot for our own. I have been making vegan ice cream even before I became vegetarian, as I never did well with a lot of dairy. My ice cream maker has always been one of my favorite kitchen appliances! Several years ago we were thinking of starting a vegan ice cream company, but we never did launch at the time. We did come up with a product name though - Talivara. It is a combination of our daughters’ two names. You’ll find the Talivara logo on our new ice cream labels. I’ve done a lot of recipe tweaking to make great vegan ice cream and we are proud of ours. We are also the only place where you can choose how you want your ice cream sweetened and you can also build your own ice cream flavor! 

So that is a little bit about who we are and what we do. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!