Vegan Sloppy Joe Sandwich Filling
Vegan Sloppy Joe Sandwich Filling
Vegan Sloppy Joe Sandwich Filling
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Vegan Sloppy Joe Sandwich Filling

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This ready to eat vegan sloppy joe sandwich filling makes a super easy meal!  Just heat and eat! This tastes great in a bun or on bread with some veggies and fries on the side. But you can do so much more with this filling as well!

  • Classic sloppy joe - pile it high into a bun and eat! It will spill out all over the plate, hence the name 'sloppy!'
  • add to spaghetti sauce for an instant meaty pasta sauce!
  • mix with a cheesy sauce (try our cheese sauce powder) and macaroni for a meaty mac’n’cheese casserole (top with grated cheese and bake in the oven for a delicious cheesy crust!)
  • eat as a side dish with rice and veggies - my husband says this tastes similar to a Malaysian sardine dish. 
  • add some to the top of a vegan pizza before baking for a cheeseburger pizza!
  • spread some on bread, top with sliced or grated cheese, and bake until the cheese melts.

To make this sloppy joe sandwich filling I start with our beefy crumbles. So if you want to make your own, you can just order our beefy crumbles here. I use the sloppy joe recipe that my father used when we were growing up, so it’s a taste of home for me! Of course I veganize it! I sauté onions, mushrooms, and the beefy crumble until browned. Then I add the sauce made of tomato paste, filtered water, gula melaka, vegan Worcestershire sauce, yellow mustard, and salt.  The vegan Worcestershire sauce gives the classic sloppy joe taste, but I can’t find it in Malaysia, so I make it! You can buy it in our vegan pantry section.


About 350g - 4 servings 

Keep in the fridge for up to a week, or in the freezer for several months. No MSG, all natural ingredients!


vegan beefy crumbles (vital wheat gluten, filtered water, chickpea flour, soy sauce, sunflower oil, marmite, salt), mushrooms, onions, tomato paste, gula melaka, vegan Worcestershire sauce (or soy sauce/vinegar if you choose no onion/garlic), yellow mustard, salt

*Can be made with no onion/garlic, just choose that variation

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