Vegan Cheese

Our block and shredded cheeses are currently out of stock, but will all be back in stock by end of June!  We still have plenty in stock including our delicious cheese balls, cheese sauce powders and more!

Yes, you can get vegan cheese made here in Malaysia! Use these vegan non dairy cheeses to add creaminess and flavor to your foods!  Mozzarella is great for pizza, while cheddar is awesome on sandwiches and burgers.  Add a special touch with pepper jack or smoky gouda. Whichever you choose you'll fall in love with our vegan cheese!

It grates, slices, melts, and even stretches! 

Our cheese is best eaten fresh, within a week or two,  it it can also be frozen. If you are using cheese that has been frozen the texture changes a bit, but if you melt it, it is just as good as fresh! So if you want to use the cheese cold on sandwiches, crackers, etc. I suggest eating it that first week. If you want to or need to freeze some, I’d suggest using it on pizza, melted in casseroles, enchiladas, nachos, grilled cheese, etc.