Our frozen pizzas are currently out of stock, but they will be back by end of June!

Everyone loves pizza night! Don’t have time to make your own pizza? We have you covered with our homemade vegan frozen pizzas!! Available in a variety of styles, with a choice of organic white or wholemeal crusts, or gluten free crust!  Our pizzas have a generous amount of our melty, gooey vegan nondairy cheese, and a choice of plain cheese or several other toppings. You can add any of your own desired veggie toppings to the pizzas before baking as well!

If you are looking to make your own pizzas, have a browse through our vegan cheese and vegan meats sections. Mozzarella is the classic pizza cheese, but all the others taste good on pizza as well. For toppings we have pepperoni, barbecue, salami, sausages, and more!