A bowl of wholesome vegan granola is a great way to start the day! Pair it with some nondairy milk and some fresh fruit and you have a balanced breakfast that will see you through until lunch! 

Most packaged granolas have too much added sugar and oil, which is why I almost always made my own. And now you can enjoy it as well! I am always on a quest to make my granola as nutritious as possible. 

All of my granolas have an adde boost of protein from cooked organic red lentils. Sounds a little funny, but you won’t even notice they are there! Also I add either chia seeds or ground flax for a boost of those important omega 3s.

I use only gula melaka (or dates) for sweetening, and I use a small amount of sunflower oil (or nut butter) to help make the granola clump together and turn out nice and crispy.

There are some granolas here where I keep all the seeds/nuts whole for those who like it that way. And then there are some kid friendly ones where I grind up all the nuts, seeds, etc. for those who want the nutrition without the crunch!