Gluten Free

**NOTE** We are currently not accepting individual orders. If you are looking to purchase this or other of our products, we stock them at Vegan District in Kota Damansara. You can stop by their store, or order from their website. I’d you are looking to purchase as a retailer or as a cafe/restaurant/hotel, please contact us for our wholesale product lists.

Are you wondering which of our products are gluten free? Here is a great place to start browsing! I’m still working on tagging all the products in the store, so there may be more that are not listed here.

*OATS - some people eating gluten free can eat any oats, so if that’s you, you’ll be fine with the items using regular organic oats. If you need certified gluten free oats, simply choose that option from the drop down menu on products that are made with oats. If you don’t see the option in the drop down menu in each listing, let me know and I’ll fix it for you. Using certified gluten free oats has an increase in price.

*Other Ingredients: anything I tagged/labeled gluten free uses generally recognized gluten free ingredients- no wheat, rye, barley, or other gluten containing grains. But they are not all ingredients that are specially labeled as “certified gluten free”. For example, tapioca starch produced locally is not certified as gluten free, but is a gluten free ingredient. If you have any questions about particular ingredients, feel free to contact me. 

** I also make a lot of gluten products, and I make everything in the same kitchen. I take special care to wash the bowls, utensils, etc well before making the gluten free options. But if you are someone who can have a severe reaction to cross contamination, you may not want to purchase from our shop