Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream 1 L tub
Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream 1 L tub
Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream 1 L tub
Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream 1 L tub
Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream 1 L tub
Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream 1 L tub
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Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream 1 L tub

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Looking for an extra special vegan ice cream treat?  A little something special for a fun celebration? This all natural non dairy unicorn ice cream is perfect! Four different colored ice creams together in one tub! They are all flavored with natural vanilla, with the yellow also having a hint of lemon.

Colorful ice creams are eye catching and fun, but usually full of artificial colors. Not this one! The only colors you find here are from pink dragonfruit, blue pea flowers, spirulina, and turmeric. So not only do they add gorgeous color, but health benefits as well!


The full fat coconut milk gives this ice cream a rich and creamy feel. Cashew cream gives extra creaminess and balances the coconut flavor.


1 liter tub

How to enjoy this ice cream:

Not that anyone needs telling how to enjoy ice cream, but here are some of our favorite ways!

  • With some date bars broken up in it.
  • With granola or crackers sprinkled on top.
  • On top of some vegan brownies
  • With birthday cake!
  • In an ice cream cone
  • Smashed between two vegan cookies
  • With chocolate sauce on top


ingredients: coconut milk, cashew milk, organic unrefined cane sugar, pink dragonfruit, sunflower oil, lemon juice, natural vanilla extract (non alcohol), blue pea flowers, spirulina, tumeric, himalayan salt

**for most of my ice creams I can adjust the recipe if needed for allergies, etc. but this recipe is as-is and cannot be adjusted unless you plan on buying 3 liters as I have to make that many at one time with the multiple colors.

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