Cold Treats

Enjoy these vegan frozen treats any day of the week here in tropical Malaysia!  We're starting with ice cream, but stay tuned for other special frozen treats as well!

Our ice creams have a base of coconut cream plus other fresh nut and seed milks and cashews. We use quality ingredients such as Belgian Chocolate, natural vanilla extract (non alcohol), fresh and frozen fruits, homemade nut butters, and more. Our ice creams are sweetened with either organic unrefined cane sugar, Gula Melaka (coconut sugar) or dates. For some ice creams it is set (such as chocolate dream or butterscotch) while for some ice creams you get to choose your sweetener. 

Our ice creams will be harder straight out of the freezer compared with store bought traditional dairy ice creams and frozen desserts. This is because they are more dense, being churned in small batches, and they also don’t have the crazy ingredients you see on other labels! To make them scoopable, simple leave on the counter for 10-20 minutes or in the fridge for 30-45 minutes. Dip your spoon or ice cream scoop into hot water before scooping to make it easier as well.

Check out our NEW “Build Your Own” ice cream option!! I would love to list sooooooo many ice creams, but it’s hard to choose. So now you can build your own by choosing a base and up to 2 mix-ins such as fruit, nuts, cookies, fudge, etc. See the listing for details.