Instant Vegan Chicken Style Bouillon Powder
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Instant Vegan Chicken Style Bouillon Powder

Regular price RM40.00 MYR

This vegan chicken style bouillon powder can be used to make a quick broth for soups, stirfries, to cook your rice in, etc.  It’s even tasty sprinkled on top of your dishes such as pasta and steamed veggies!  It has none of those weird ingredients you find on the labels of broth and bouillon cubes or powders in the store.  All natural, No MSG!

Mix one teaspoon of broth powder with one cup of hot water to make a quick broth, or add to your soups/dishes as desired.

RM40 per jar (170+g)


nutritional yeast, himalayan salt, onion powder, organic sugar, parsley, herbs and spices

*Can be made with no onion/garlic (weight might be slightly less), just choose that variation

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