Vegan Grilled Cheese

An ultimate comfort choose - grilled cheese! While it’s not the most common thought of comfort food in Malaysia, it definitely has all the best things going for it. Crunchy bread, gooey cheese, and you can always add some hot sauce or vegan deli slices for a boost of flavor! 

Secret to Cooking

Making a vegan grilled cheese can be slightly more tricky than its original dairy counterpart. Vegan cheese has a slightly higher melting point, so it takes it a bit longer to cook. The key to getting a sandwich that is gooey, but not burnt, is to flip it over several times! This way it will cook long enough, but not too long on one side at a time , so it won’t burn. You can also cover your pan with a lid while it is cooking, to trap the heat. 

If you are short on time you can put some of the vegan cheese on a glass plate or in a glass bowl and microwave it for a few seconds to soften it (maybe 5-15 seconds, it depends on your microwave), then spread it on your bread before grilling! You can also just toast your bread in the toaster, spread on the softened cheese and you are good to go! Just don’t put buttered bread into your toaster!!

What Spread to Use

For a true indulgence, use some vegan butter on your bread. I usually use Nutellex brand from Australia. For a healthier treat, don’t spread anything on your bread, It will still cook up just fine!

What Bread to Use

Finding vegan bread in Malaysia can be tricky! The easiest to grab is Massimo brand which you can find in most places. I like that they have a 100% whole wheat option! 

I also recently learned about Fresco Grano bakery which has organic vegan bread. You can click here to visit them on Facebook for more info.

You can also make your own if you are so inclined! I do when I have time.


Which Cheese

So which cheese is best for a grilled cheese? We have several to choose from and honestly I love them all! For a more flavorful sandwich I love cheddar, chipotle cheddar, or pepper jack. Smoked Gouda and Monterey Jack are also great! Even mozzarella makes a tasty grilled cheese, especially if you spread on a bit of spaghetti or pizza sauce and add in some pizza toppings. Pizza grilled cheese! Click here to see all of our cheeses.

One of my childhood favorites is grilled cheese with tomato soup! I make my own tomato soup by mixing:

  • tomato paste
  • water
  • sweetener (I usually use gula melaka)
  • salt
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • nutritional yeast
  • pepper

taste and adjust as needed until you like it! Feel free to add in spices that you like!

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