Vegan Cream Cheese Brownie Recipe

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Brownies have always been one of my very favorite treats!  And vegan brownies are even better because you can safely lick the bowl - no eggs! I especially like switching them up now and then with different flavors, mix-ins, toppings, etc. Today I am sharing one of my favorite varieties - vegan cream cheese brownies!

To make these as easily as possible I use My Plant Deli brownie mix. You can use that or your favorite brownie recipe instead.



Follow the instructions on the box to prepare the brownies, either the fudgy or regular version. If you are making the fudgy version with hot water your batter will be thicker than you see in the photos/video.

Mix together the cashew cream cheese with some sweetener (I used Gula Melaka syrup) and a little water or non dairy milk to thin it a little bit (I used coconut milk). 

Grease your brownie pan and scrape in your brownie batter. Spread it around. Make blobs of the cream cheese mixture all around. I like to kind of dig down with the spoon and get the cream cheese mixture all the way to the bottom, not just sitting on top. 

You can also put 2/3 of the brownie batter first, then spread the cream cheese mixture, and finish with blobs of brownie batter.

Either way, finish by using the handle of a spoon to swirl the cream cheese mixture around (see video for demonstration).

Bake as per instructions on package. I like to undertake my brownies a bit so they are extra fudgy. Let cool and refrigerate until cool. Cut and enjoy! Or eat with a spoon while still warm, with ice cream. Mmmmm...


To Serve:

Brownies are already amazing on their own, but for a special treat I love serving them with some non dairy ice cream, whipped coconut cream (click here to learn how to make it) and chocolate syrup. Wow!


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