How to Make Whipped Coconut Cream from Boxed Coconut Santan in Malaysia

coconut cream dessert whipped cream

It can be tricky making great whipped coconut cream, especially when all you have is the UHT boxed coconut creams that are available in Malaysia that have stabilizers in them like guar gum. Canned coconut cream is so hard to find! I can sometimes find the Ayam brand in a can, and it is nice and stiff, but I don’t like the flavor of it. I haven’t tried it in awhile, though.

But I found a way to get it to work great with the UHT carton coconut santan, it just takes a little patience! The two brands that I find work well are Kara and Harmuni. These have a higher percentage of fat compared to other brands. You can try other brands as well, but choose full fat, not lite!! Make sure to refrigerate your carton of cream at least for one day. The longer the better. I like to keep one or two boxes in the fridge all the time so I can have whipped coconut cream whenever I need it!

Here is a video, and below the video are more thorough directions:

Add the coconut cream to a bowl. Be careful when pouring so you don’t get the watery bit at the bottom. It’s okay if a bit gets in, just try your best. I usually keep the watery part for a smoothie or to add to other nondairy milk for a cake or something. 

Beat the runny coconut cream for a minute or two. It will get some bubbles in it, but it won’t really thicken up. Now put it back in the fridge, covered with a plate or something, for at least an hour. Beat it again for 2-3 minutes, and it should thicken and whip up nicely! If it is still runny, put it back in the fridge for another hour or so and try again. Below is a photo of it after the second whipping.  Usually only two whippings are necessary, but if your cream wasn't cold enough or if it had too much of the liquid part of the cream it will need a third whipping.

Add vanilla and sweetener if desired. In this video and photo below I used date paste for the sweetener, which made the cream a bit dark. You can add Gula Melaka syrup (click here for instructions on how to make that) or just some regular cane sugar for a pure white coconut cream.

whipped coconut cream

Your whipped cream will stay nice and stiff, so you can store it in the fridge in a container for several days. Use it on pancakes, brownies, ice cream, as a pie topping, or even on oatmeal or overnight oats for a decadent breakfast treat! 

Let me know if you give this a try or if you have any questions! Check out the listing below to buy the delicious super healthy brownies that you see in the photo and video!


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